Mixcité / PierraNova Winner of the call for tenders launched by the town hall of La Rochelle

“There are projects that are composed from a history, a territory, a heritage. There are stories that make us travel. There are stories that we like to tell. »
Here we are on rue Albert 1er, surrounding the Oratoire de la Rochelle, in the heart of the PSMV in a group of buildings steeped in history. They bear the richness of the city, but also the scars of developments that did not take into account the splendor of its original stature.
Like its envelope, its hull that asserts itself to the eyes of the walkers and tourists, the facilities must be an interpretation of the splendors of the rocky hills.
Thus, we want to give back to the Oratory its original elegance by diversifying its uses and its architecture, by reconnecting the already there and the tomorrow. It will bring the user to share a moment that is full of history.

We are opening the island to the public by diversifying its uses by creating a restaurant, we are burying the parking lot to green the collegiate courtyard, we are connecting the courtyards to each other and to the city to create a new breath of life in La Rochelle.