MIXCITÉ awarded by AMI for the renovation of the Vieille Cure site in Cenon!

We are pleased to announce that the group we are leading has been designated Winner of the Call for Expression of Interest on the site of the Vieille Cure in Cenon!

The Food Factory project aimed at renovating this former distillery has therefore won over the theme “feeding the metropolis of tomorrow“! On 5,200m2, we will set up an innovative program around FoodTech, with Tauziet&Co, a canning factory, a cooking school, a distillery, a restaurant, a coworking area, as well as outdoor spaces and entertainment.

Thank you to the partners who accompanied and participated in the development of this project:

  • King Kong Architecture Studio
  • Tauziet & Co
  • Koregraf
  • Alienor engineering

Our sincere thanks to the Mayor of the City of Cenon, Mr. Jean-François EGRON, as well as to the City Council of Cenon and the GPV (Grand Projet des Villes) rive droite.