Created in 2008 and located in Bordeaux, Mixcité relies on its team of experts and their perfect knowledge of the real estate market for more than 20 years to guarantee an innovative conception of real estate development, on a human scale with a strong local anchoring.

Intimate programs are widely favored. They are irrigated by a concern for integration into the urban landscape and a marked interest in taking over existing buildings. These programs exude additional authenticity and meet the requirements of urban renewal. Thus, Mixcité is positioned as a local player offering a dual capacity to build in new and old, where use and people are at the heart of the concerns.

Mixcité’s mission is therefore naturally to create REAL ESTATE FOR LIVING.

Mixed use and urban

The environmental quality of the projects has a prominent place in MIXCITE’s CSR policy..

Being socially responsible means making each project a concrete contribution to a better quality of life: mixing uses and populations, rehabilitating, recycling, optimizing materials and impacts.

The renovation of existing buildings is an essential component of a responsible approach, both societal (urban renewal) and environmental (improving the energy performance of buildings).

Through a strong presence in the reduced VAT sector (ANRU, the French National Urban Renewal Agency, the City’s priority district and the 300-meter perimeter), we intend to help low-income households to become solvent, and thus contribute to encouraging first-time buyers. To achieve this, we are committed to a cost-controlled housing design approach. We are testing innovative construction processes, industrialized in wood structure. We may also be led to internalize the project management for a very competitive price.

Considering eco-responsibility as a top priority, MIXCITE favors the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to reduce energy needs and save natural resources. In addition to the use of wood-frame processes, with a view to low carbon design, we are working with partners at the forefront of research in energy efficiency to implement them in areas with high energy consumption stakes.

We are also thinking about Intelligent Homes: beyond gadgets, home automation functions that make the user's life easier and reduce consumption.
Building sustainably also means respecting our environment during the construction phase: extreme attention is paid to waste management, cleanliness of construction sites, soil, groundwater and air pollution, water and energy management, and pollution caused to neighbors.

Active and attentive listening to the needs of the inhabitants

An approach in consultation with the territories

A collaborative approach for mixed living spaces (apartments, shops and offices, day care centers, managed residences, medical centers, etc.).

A particular attention to the accompaniment of our customers (advice and personalized follow-up)

A global mastery thanks to structuring partnerships (financial component with Koregraf, constructive component with Aliénor Ingénierie)

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