Mixcité, l'immobilier à vivre

Specializing in new and old, we design spaces to live in and live better together


Mixcité accompanies you
in your project

From the renovation of old to the construction of new

We have at heart to make our projects into well-kept, harmonious, intimate living spaces, perfectly integrated into the urban landscape, where their inhabitants and residents feel comfortable. We aim to design our programs with accuracy and authenticity, while emphasizing the history and uniqueness of the neighborhoods.

Actively and attentively listening to the needs of residents

Actively listening to local needs and a perfect knowledge of the area are essential before any design can be made, in order to mix uses and populations, contribute to better living together and actively participate in the beautiful city of tomorrow.

Environmental quality

Make each project a concrete contribution to a better quality of life: rehabilitate, recycle, optimize materials and impacts. The renovation of existing buildings is an essential component of a responsible approach that is as much societal (urban renewal) as it is environmental (improving the energy performance of buildings).